Can you eat an unripe avocado?

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Can you eat an unripe avocado?

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Eating an unripe avocado could make your stomach hurt and possibly give you diarrhea so I would not recommend eating unripe avocados.

I've tried eating an unripe avocado before and it make my stomach cramp up and I got diarrhea so I now will never eat an unripe avocado again.

I will wait until the avocado is ripe fully before eating them and then they are much more enjoyable when they are ripe.

The unripe avocados are safe to eat however they are not as tasty and like I said can give you stomach problems and diarrhea due to the gas they produce.

Unripe Avocados can take four to five days to ripen at room temperature so it's best to allow the unripe avocados time to ripen fully before eating them.

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