Is cottage cheese bad for cholesterol?

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Is cottage cheese bad for cholesterol?

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Eating too much cottage cheese can be bad for cholesterol especially if you eat the non low fat cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese contains some saturated fat as well as some trans fat and cottage cheese is also pretty high in sodium so if you have high cholesterol then eating the non low fat type of cottage cheese can be bad for high cholesterol and could also raise your blood pressure.

If you want to eat cottage cheese some and have high cholesterol then I would recommend eating the low fat cottage cheese since it's lower in fat as well as low in saturated fat and low in trans fat and contains less sodium.

I would also eat the cottage cheese in moderation when you have high cholesterol and keep a check on your cholesterol levels as well as your blood pressure.

If your cholesterol levels get too high when eating the cottage cheese then you should slow down on the amount of cottage cheese you eat or avoid eating any cottage cheese.

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