Can you grind coffee beans in A NutriBullet?

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asked Jul 13 in Other-Food Drink by Apekdechomai (310 points)
Can you grind coffee beans in A NutriBullet?

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answered Jul 13 by linda (14,020 points)
As long as you use either the milling blade or the extractor blade in the NutriBullet the Nutribullet will work just fine for grinding coffee beans.

The Nutribullet is a very versatile machine and works great for processing foods and grinding up coffee beans.

I used to use a regular blender to grind coffee beans but now that I have a Nutribullet I use the Nutribullet with the milling blade to grind my coffee beans.

I find that the Nutribullet does even better at grinding coffee beans than an actual coffee bean grinder.

I use my Nutribullet a lot and recommend them to anyone needing a good food processor.

It's a powerful machine as well and well worth the cost.

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