How to design a web page for free?

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asked Jul 19, 2017 in Programming/Design by Debbie (190 points)
How can I design a website for free?
I want to create a website but don't have much money right now. How can I get a website designed for free?

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answered Jul 19, 2017 by Shawn (88,890 points)
You can easily design a website using wix's website builder. You don't have to have any design experience to create a professional website using wix.
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answered Feb 11, 2020 by RobertPolson (1,160 points)

I could agree with this if we were talking about a regular home site for hobbies and the like .. But if you are talking about business then you need help woocommerce experts. These Canadian developers can offer the most creative ideas to put them into practice. Such a site will always stand out against the general background.

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answered Feb 5 by kesteer (5,300 points)

I think what you need here is a good website builder. Have a look at this free plan comparison which will help you choose the best one for you which will serve you well and help you build some good looking and functional websites for any purposes, good luck!

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answered Mar 16 by Alex9988 (1,100 points)
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I also was on a budget when I needed a site for my business, so I feel you. Fortunately, there is a great number of web design tools available for free. If you don't have coding skills, I recommend paying attention to free website builders They are easy-to-use and don't require special knowledge. I personally chose Wix and didn't regret that decision. Hope it helps!

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