Is butter coffee healthy?

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Is butter coffee healthy?

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Butter in your coffee which is also known as bulletproof coffee is healthy in moderation but you should avoid drinking too much coffee with butter or butter coffee otherwise it could lead to health problems instead of benefiting your health.

Drinking Bulletproof coffee everyday is usually okay and safe but when you drink bulletproof coffee everyday you should have your blood markers tests checked to be sure they are at safe levels.

Drinking too much bulletproof coffee may increase your risk of heart disease and other health problems.

The saturated fat that bulletproof coffee contains is not healthy if consumed too much so I would not recommend drinking bulletproof coffee everyday to reduce your risk of heart disease.

In moderation the saturated fat that bulletproof coffee contains is healthy and can help with improving your metabolism, aid in weight loss, help to stabilize your gut health, and increase your mood and strength.

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