Are chicken sausages fattening?

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Are chicken sausages fattening?

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Chicken Sausages can still be fattening if you consume too much of the chicken sausage.

But the good thing about chicken sausage versus pork sausage is that chicken sausage contains less calories and sodium than pork sausage does so that makes the chicken sausage less fattening.

Chicken Sausage contains around 140 to 160 calories while pork sausage contains around 290 to 455 calories depending on the size of the sausage you eat.

So while too much of any kind of sausage can be fattening and is not healthy the chicken sausage is much healthier and less fattening than the pork sausage.

Chicken Sausages are also more healthy than Pork Sausage when trying to lose weight too because of the lower fat content and calories contained in chicken sausage.

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