Which is the best free video maker/editor for Mac devices?

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asked Jan 20 in Internet by fraddy (4,050 points)

Which is the best free video maker/editor for Mac devices?

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answered Jan 20 by sarasakson (390 points)
Apple IMovie that comes with your Mac computer is a great free video maker and editor but if you want something else you can install DaVinci Resolve which is a professional video editor that's free to install on your Mac.

OpenShot Video Editor and Blender are a few other good Video Editors for your Mac Operating system.
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answered Jan 20 by poliq (4,310 points)

I advise Free Video Editor Movavi for Mac (https://videoeditor.com/mac​) for that purpose. It helps me create high-quality videos for my video blog. I can easily add any color filters and stickers to liven up my vlog, and even use special effects like Chroma key and Slow motion to keep viewers coming back for more. Record your voice using a microphone and take advantage of the audio editing tools to improve sound quality. I hope it will help

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answered Mar 25 by swipka777 (2,090 points)

I advise to use https://resize.video/ which is an online editor. It allows editing different video files online without any problems. I used to download different software but now I prefer to do everything online.

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