How easy is for a beginner to manage a server?

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asked Jan 6 in Web Hosting by MRhyt (220 points)
How easy is for a beginner to manage a server?

I need to move my wordpress blog to a cloud hosting server but I need to manage the server myself and I was wondering how hard it is to manage a cloud hosting server?

Is it easy or is it hard for a beginner to setup a cloud hosting server and manage it?

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answered Jan 6 by Shawn (56,750 points)
If you're unsure how to manage the server right now then I would advise you to look for managed cloud hosting where the host manages the server and keeps it up to date.

Then you could purchase a cheap VPS and practice and play around with the VPS server through command lines and you can find lots of tutorials online about how to manage the server.

It took me a few months to really learn how to manage the VPS server and now I can easily mange one using the command lines through SSH.

It's not easy but it's not really, really hard either once you get into it.

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