What is the point of a salad spinner?

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What is the point of a salad spinner?

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The point of a salad spinner is to wash lettuce and remove excess water from lettuce and salad greens.

A salad spinner is also known as a salad tosser.

When using a salad spinner you should first inspect the outer leaves of the lettuce or salad greens and remove ones that look tough.

Then check out the head of the lettuce or salad greens itself and pull out any leaves that are wilted or full of holes in the case of spinach.

For greens such as kale or chard, chop or tear large leaves into smaller pieces.

Step 2: Put the torn leaves into the colander of your salad spinner.

Salad-spin until all the water has drained away.

The leaves will still be slightly damp—that's what you want.

Take the basket out of your salad spinner and transfer the leaves to a container where they can get some airflow but will not be directly exposed to the drying air of the refrigerator.

You can also store your salad or lettuce in the salad spinner to help keep it fresher longer.

Storing the whole contraption in the fridge, spinner, lettuce, lid, and all can keep the greens crisp and colorful for a full week.

After using your salad spinner be sure to at least give it a good rinse to keep it from getting moldy.

A good soapy rinse and scrub between uses will keep your salad spinner clean and ready to use.

You may not need to wash your salad spinner with soap and water after every use.

A good rinse after spinning clean vegetables or lettuce can do the trick.

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