Why is a VPS server better than shared hosting?

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Why is a VPS server better than shared hosting?

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answered Sep 17, 2018 by Shawn (54,500 points)
VPS hosting can sometimes be better than shared hosting however that's not always the case.

Sometimes a shared hosting account can be much better for your website than a VPS server that isn't configured correctly.

With shared hosting the hosting company admins the server and takes care of all security etc but with a VPS server the customer is responsible for installing scripts and other things to make the server run properly.

You need to have some basic skills or knowledge in how to run command lines for Linux servers in order to properly operate a vps server.

But if you do use a VPS server from a quality provider then your website will likely load much faster than it would on shared hosting and your website would experience even better up time.

But my recommendation would be to skip right over the idea of a VPS server and go for cloud hosting if you need control over the server through SSH access.

With cloud server hosting you can easily scale up your hosting plan as your website traffic increases without having to go through the headache of moving your website from the VPS server to a dedicated server should the traffic to your website increase.

Using cloud servers your website is hosted on more than one physical server so your website will load really fast which is important for SEO and your website will experience better up time since if one server goes down the website can be accessed from another server that's still online.

As your traffic increases and you need more Ram and CPU to handle the larger website traffic you just need to upgrade your hosting plan and purchase a higher CPU and Ram package for your cloud server and once you make payment your website is given more CPU and Ram to handle the traffic without any of your visitors noticing.

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