Should I go with a VPS server or Cloud Hosting Server?

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asked Sep 11, 2018 in Web Hosting by Leafylisp (220 points)
I want to move my blog from shared hosting to a VPS or cloud hosting server to improve my websites speed and have control over the server.

I'm wondering though should I sign up for a VPS server or should I sign up and move my blog to cloud web hosting?

Which is faster the VPS server or Cloud Hosting and what benefits would I get hosting my blog on the Cloud Server vs the VPS server?

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answered Sep 11, 2018 by Shawn (53,390 points)
If your blog needs more resources and you expect a lot of website traffic then you should use Cloud Hosting as your hosting for your blog.

When my blog started getting more traffic and shared hosting couldn't cope I moved over to a VPS server but then I noticed it crashing too from the website traffic and it slowed to a crawl on some occasions.

Then my web host started offering cloud hosting for cheaper than what I was paying for the VPS server so I signed up and moved the blog over to cloud hosting and it really did speed up the blog and so far I've noticed no downtime.

Another benefit of cloud hosting over a VPS server is that with Cloud Hosting you can increase the RAM and other resources within a few minutes by ordering a new hosting package and you don't have to move your website either.

So as my traffic grows to my blog I can easily up the resources and stay hosted where I am.

With a VPS your website is hosted on a single web server so if that server goes down so does your website.

But with Cloud Hosting your website is hosted on several different web servers so the load is balanced and should one server go down your website will still be accessible from another web server.

Go with cloud hosting all the way but do note that cloud servers with SSH access require knowledge of servers and how to run the command line for updating, securing, patching and installing anything your website needs to run.

You can install the centos webpanel which is a free control panel and Cpanel Alternative which makes your web server on cloud hosting easier to manage.

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