Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense?

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asked May 1, 2018 in Blogging by Q178t (360 points)
Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense?

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answered May 1, 2018 by Shawn (102,160 points)
You can earn money from your blog and blogging without Adsense.

So if you have a blog and can't get approved for adsense or you've been banned from Adsense you can still earn money from the blog.

Some ways of earning money blogging without adsense are, affiliate marketing, selling your own product or service on your blog etc. is a great alternative to adsense and in some cases you can earn earn more with than you would with adsense.

You can also sell your own ad space on your blog if your blog gets enough traffic to entice potential advertisers.

Although Adsense is good for earning money it isn't the only way to earn money with your blog.

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