Is Pyrex still made?

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Is Pyrex still made?

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Pyrex is still made by Corelle brands.

Corelle Brands manufactures Pyrex consumer products in Charleroi, PA., where Corning Glass Works first produced its opalware dishes beginning in the 1940s.

You can cook in Pyrex.

Pyrex is oven safe up to 425 F degrees.

You can also use Pyrex in the microwave but just make sure the Pyrex is warmed up to room temperature before cooking with it as it can shatter when heated rapidly from being too cold.

To stop Pyrex from exploding make sure the Pyrex is at room temperature when cooking with it such as placing it in the oven.

If the Pyrex is too cold it can shatter when heated rapidly and by making sure the Pyrex dish is at room temperature and not using temperatures above 425 F you will prevent the Pyrex from shattering.

Pyrex will shatter in the oven in temperatures above 425 F or if you place a Pyrex dish into the oven from the freezer as when the Pyrex bowl or dish gets heated rapidly from being cool it causes the bowl to expand and puts stress on the Pyrex dish and then leads to the Pyrex bowl or dish shattering in the oven.

Pyrex cookware can withstand temperatures in the oven up to 425 F.

Pyrex is safe for the oven up to 425 F degrees as long as the Pyrex is at room temperature when it's put in the oven.

Vintage Pyrex bowls can go in the oven as they are oven safe as well as microwave safe.

As long as the Pyrex bowls are not cold such as from the freezer to oven they will be safe in the oven up to 425 F degrees.

Old Pyrex and new Pyrex can go in the microwave as well as the oven.

Pyrex is both microwave safe and oven safe.

Pyrex gets so hot in the microwave because of the glaze of the Pyrex.

It's normal and OK for the Pyrex to get hot in the microwave but just use oven mitts to avoid getting burned.

Pyrex is good in ovens up to 932 F degrees.

Pyrex can withstand temperatures of up to 932 degrees F.

So Pyrex can safely be used in a home oven because you're never gonna cook in a home oven to 932 F degrees.

Just make sure the Pyrex cookware is not coming from a cold freezer or refrigerator and then going directly into the oven.

If that happens the temperature change causes thermal shock which can shatter and break the Pyrex.

Also do not use the Pyrex cookware on any stove top whether electric or gas stove top burners because it can crack and break and shatter the Pyrex.

Pyrex is only meant to be used in a preheated oven.

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