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asked Oct 23, 2022 in Other-Food Drink by Tilman (2,950 points)
Hello everyone, can anyone recommend a good food delivery company?

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answered Oct 23, 2022 by Allert (2,720 points)

Howdy! Favor Delivery delivers any goods directly to your home at a convenient time for you. Employees of the company are always ready to help with fast delivery of products from any store or restaurant. I first ordered groceries through favor delivery during the pandemic, when most of my favorite places were closed. I ordered and paid for the delivery via the Internet, so I didn’t even contact their employee, which ensured the safety of my health.

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answered Jan 1 by Uters12 (12,690 points)
What is the scope of food delivery app development?
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answered Jan 1 by Garettt (2,820 points)

Good evening! The Food Ordering System allows your business to accept and manage orders placed online for delivery or takeaway. Customers view the digital menu in the app or website, place and pay for their order online! If you have your own business, this company will help you with the development and configuration of this system

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