Have you ever been barred and banned for trespassing?

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I was barred and banned from a major Omaha hospital in 2004 because I took it on myself to enter a research center. I was young at the time (27.5 years old) and I wanted to put together a story for a short-wave radio station for the blind, and I thought my blindness could get me anything I wanted in life. So I took it on myself to go to the research center, and to make a long story short, it took a security guard to show me that blindness isn't a "get what you want in life" card. I got barred, banned, and lectured for what I did. Hey, it even constituted a visit from the Omaha Police. In the end, I learned my lesson.

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I've been barred from a few places even when I did not really do anything wrong.

If you have done something to get trespassed off a place then there's not much you can do.

However if you were barred and trespassed from a place and you did not do anything then you may want to go to court and get a lawyer for the trespass.

When you've been warned of trespass and you return then you can and will be arrested.

Law enforcement enforces criminal trespassing. Land, home and property owners will need to file a court action to enforce civil trespassing.

This can be to collect damages caused by a trespasser even if no crime was committed.

Trespass is an area of tort law broadly divided into three groups: trespass to the person, trespass to chattels, and trespass to land.

Trespass is defined as to go onto someone's property, or to cross a social boundary.

An example of to trespass is to walk onto private land to hunt.

An example of to trespass is to give a hug to someone who doesn't like to be touched by others.

The definition of a trespass is an action that is intrusive or offensive.

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