What is the most healthy drink in the world?

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What is the most healthy drink in the world?

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The most healthy drink in the world is water.

Water is the healthiest drink in the world as it's very important for our health and lubricates our joints, hydrates us, maintains blood pressure and flushes our kidneys.

Green Tea is the next healthiest drink in the world.

The most complete food to eat is Salmon followed by Kale, Sardines, Liver, Potatoes, Shellfish, Garlic and Seaweed.

For babies the most complete food is breast milk.

The number 1 vegetable to avoid is Spinach because it's thought to be contaminated.

However spinach is in reality healthy for you but it's considered one of the worst vegetables that you should avoid.

Many people however including myself eat spinach which is healthy and never had any issue.

Other worst vegetables include corn, peas, potatoes, pumpkin, squash, and yams tend to contain fewer vitamins and minerals and less fiber than other types of vegetables.

And, they often contain two to three times as many calories per serving as their non-starchy vegetable counterparts.

Although spinach is actually considered the healthiest vegetables to eat.

1 cup (30 grams) of raw spinach provides 16% of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin A plus 120% of the DV for vitamin K — all for just 7 calories .

A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check.

Other health benefits of eating vegetables include.

They fight inflammation.
Sometimes inflammation is good, but too much chronic inflammation isn't great for our bodies.
Improve blood pressure.
Up your fiber.
Help your eyes.
Improve your skin.
Reduce risk of heart disease.
Benefit for blood sugar.
Reduce risk of cancer.

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