Where to Market Vegan/ Plant Based eBook?

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asked Mar 16, 2018 in Blogging by Taemer (310 points)
Where's the best place to market an Ebook that is Vegan Plant based?

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answered Mar 17, 2018 by Gracy (133,260 points)
You could market your plant based vegan E Book by looking for forums that talk about organic food and vegan eating and then if the forum allows place your link to your website in the forum signature and then post useful helpful threads on the Vegan forums.

When someone sees your thread they'll see your link and might click on the link leading to your site and just might purchase your Vegan E Book from you.

You could also advertise your website through google adwords or other ad networks which will help you get more website visitors and hopefully more sales on your Vegan E Book.
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answered Oct 21, 2019 by kesteer (4,670 points)

What do you think about some offline marketing? Maybe you should get some promo items for you like those from PinSource.com, for example. I am sure that you will like them a lot, and you will be able to make some really nice designs. Good luck with it!

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