When should one consider VPS hosting?

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asked Feb 20, 2018 in Web Hosting by Mykex (270 points)
When should one consider VPS hosting?

When should you consider moving your website from shared hosting to VPS web hosting?

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answered Feb 20, 2018 by Shawn (54,710 points)
Usually once your website starts getting 1,000 or more daily unique website visitors then it's time to start looking at a VPS hosting provider and move your website away from shared hosting.

You do need to know how to manage a VPS server though because running a VPS server is different than just hosting your website on a regular shared hosting account.

You should know how to secure the VPS server, install scripts and work the command line.

Learning a VPS server or dedicated server is very easy though once you start learning how one works.

I taught myself how to work servers and have a VPS server for my website.

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