How do you survive jail?

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How do you survive jail?

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To survive in jail you have to keep to yourself, stay out of trouble, avoid joining gangs in jail and watch your back.

Jail is pretty survivable especially if you're only in for a year or less.

Exposure to violence in prisons and jails can exacerbate existing mental health disorders or even lead to the development of post-traumatic stress symptoms like anxiety, depression, avoidance, hypersensitivity, hypervigilance, suicidality, flashbacks, and difficulty with emotional regulation.

To some extent, many people who wind up in prison were not terribly happy before they were sentenced; many of the activities that can lead to prison sentences are somewhat intended to increase happiness.

Many people are not terribly unhappier in prison than they were before.

Inmates in jail usually get one set of clean clothes once per week.

Inmates can shower everyday and they must shower at least every few days.

There are no pillows in jail as it keeps inmates from hiding contraband in the jail.

Sometimes inmates will roll up towels to create a pillow to rest their head on when sleeping.

Some prisoners in actual prisons get pillows but not always and even then it's a valued thing.

You do get issued blankets in jail.

The blankets in jail are made for the jails and are considered durable blankets which can be a bit heavy but also warm enough to keep you warm when the weather gets cold outside.

Jail has heat but it can also get cool in jail cells and they are not to be comfortable either way.

One day in jail is equal to the same amount of time a day is when not in jail.

A day or one day in jail is 24 hours so if you're sentenced to a day in jail then you'll stay in the jail for 24 hours.

Rollout in jail means that the inmate has requested to be moved to another part or wing of the jail for protection from other inmates.

It's also known as Roll Up.

Roll Up, or PC Up: To voluntarily seek protective custody from prison officials, and leave a General Population (G.P.) yard.

Reasons an inmate might roll up include drug debts, admitting to and renouncing of gang affiliations, fear of retaliation from having snitched someone out, and various others.

Fishing in Jail means to use a string to fish for things from jail cell to jail cell.

Inmates commonly use a string to fish for contraband and share contraband from one cell to another.

The term fish in jail also refers to new inmates.

Fish has been recorded as prison slang for new inmates since the 1870s.

Fish for new inmates shouldn't be confused with another prison slang term, fishing.

This refers to using a string to pass contraband items between cells in a manner similar to casting a fishing line.

'Fish' is the term that inmates use to refer to the newest cons to be incarcerated.

Another possible meaning may refer to the phrase, "A small fish in a big ocean", simply lost among the world around them or "A big fish in a small pond", where the individual usually, for good or bad, stands out from the rest.

Basically when inmates want to share things through the cells they will use a fishing line such as a string to fish for that contraband that they are not supposed to be sharing in jail.

Sharing illegal contraband or fishing in jail can get you into more trouble and get you more jail time as well.

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