Are pitbulls good with kids?

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Are pitbulls good with kids?

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Pit Bulls are not good with kids.

When a Pit Bull is a puppy they are usually good dogs and playful but as the Pit Bull gets past a year old the Pit Bull begins getting mean and if the kid does something to the dog unintentionally such as pulling their tale etc then the Pit Bull dog can maul the kid to death.

I've also known of Pit Bull dogs that have just simply went into a child's bedroom and mauled them to death.

That personally happened to a friend of mines kid who was 1 year old at the time and sleeping in his crib.

For some reason that is unknown the Pit Bull broke through the babies room door and got into the crib and mauled the kid to death.

My friend was devastated and he had to shoot and kill the Pit Bull in the house to get the Pit Bull away from his baby but sadly the baby died.

Pit Bulls really should never exist and there's much better dogs that are good around kids and Pit Bull Dogs are not those type of dogs.

Pit Bulls have killed many other kids as well and attacked them for no reason.

Pit Bulls should never exist and it usually takes more than 1 shot with a gun to kill the Pit Bull dog.

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