The act of egging someones house is really fucked up?

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The act of egging someones house is really fucked up?

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The act of egging someone's house or car is really fucked up and really terrible.

The people or teens, kids etc doing the egging should think that one day they might need that neighbors or persons help and then the person who they egged their house may not want to help them.

It does not make the person look cool etc and it's not a right of passage or just something they do for fun and in some places such as Texas or Florida you could get shot trying to egg someone's house or car.

It's a really terrible thing to do and if it were my kids doing that I would make them clean the eggs off the persons house and vehicle etc if they did that and they would scrape it by hand and they would pay the damages.

The point of someone throwing eggs at a house really has no point.

Some people throw eggs at peoples houses as a way to make them look cool, tough etc or the teens are bored and then go around throwing eggs at peoples houses.

It could be that they don't like you etc.

The last time someone threw eggs at my house or started trying too I pulled my shotgun on them and fired shots towards them and they never came back.

I warned them at first but they didn't listen.

Now they don't want to mess with me as they know I'll shoot them if they come onto my property.

But all that they really accomplish with throwing eggs at your house or car is that they look stupid, are looked down upon, they become hated etc.

The punishment for egging someone's house depends on the local laws, your age, criminal history etc.

However in most places throwing eggs or egging someone's house, car etc is a misdemeanor charge with 15 days to a year in Jail or Juvenile Hall.

If you're a minor then you could get arrested or at least get a fine and your parents would also be liable for any damages you caused by egging the house, car etc.

It can be a serious offense in some locations to egg someone's house, car etc so you should never do it because it's illegal and wrong and it does not make you look cool.

It makes you look bad.

It could also get you shot in some places such as Texas, Florida etc.

When someone throws eggs at your house it's usually because of the people being stupid and trying to have fun or they have something against you.

Sometimes it's teens that go around doing stupid stuff and egging your house even if you've never done anything to them to deserve it.

I've never thrown eggs at peoples houses, cars etc even when I was a teen so I can't see why they think it's fun because even then I thought it was very stupid for them to throw eggs and vandalize peoples property.

I believe in Karma and when someone does something like that which is bad then they will get what is coming to them.

I remember a few years ago a 20 year old was egging my house and I had done nothing too him but I guess he thought he was gonna be cool looking doing that and later a year later he got into a car wreck with a semi truck and got killed instantly.

He was such a terrible person and did a lot of bad things in town.
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Yes it is really fucked up to egg someones house or car or even do any criminal damage.

It does not make a person look cool but instead it makes the person look terrible and stupid.

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