Why are my latkes falling apart?

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Why are my latkes falling apart?

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The most common reason Latkes are falling apart is because you didn't use enough flour in the Latkes recipe.

Try adding some more flour next time and they should not fall apart.

Also use Russet Potatoes if you aren't already as they are the best potatoes to make Latkes with and are less likely to cause the Latkes to fall apart.

The best potato to use for making Latkes are Russet Potatoes because Russet Potatoes are high in starch content, which means your latkes are less likely to fall apart and you don't need flour to bind them.

There is a slight difference between potato pancakes and Latkes which is the thickness.

Potato Pancakes and Latkes are similar however the difference is that Potato Pancakes are thinner than Latkes and Latkes are thicker.

The difference between potato pancakes and latkes is that potato pancakes are thinner than Latkes are.

The Latkes are thicker than potato pancakes are.

Another difference between potato pancakes and latkes is that the Latkes has shreddes potatoes sticking out of the latkes while the Potato pancakes do not.

Both Latkes and Potato Pancakes are made with shredded potatoes and are rounded but they look a bit different.

The potato pancakes and potato Latkes are pretty similar and made of the same ingredients but they are somewhat different.

A potato pancake is more rounded than potato Latkes although both are round.

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