How long does it take to make a blog profitable?

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asked Dec 22, 2017 in Blogging by Stealthy78u (250 points)
How long does it take to make a blog profitable?

How long did you work on your blog and have your blog online before you started seeing money from your blog or making a profit from your blog?

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answered Dec 23, 2017 by Judy (56,120 points)
Most blogs will take a few years before they start becoming profitable as in covering the hosting and domain fees.

Then maybe 5 years in if you work hard on your blog adding content and promoting it then you could make a living from the blog.

But sometimes it can take longer than 5 years to make what you might consider a full time income from your blog.

There's no guarantee of making a living from your blog either. If you don't continue to publish great content and target the right keywords then you won't get the required website traffic to earn a living.

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