What is the story about Diaper Boy Tommy?

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What is the story about Diaper Boy Tommy?

Anyone know if the Diaper Boy Tommy was being diaper punished or why he was put into diapers and treated as a toddler?

I'm talking about this cute diaper boy Tommy below who is wearing pampers diapers from around 1996 or so.

Diaper Boy Tommy Wearing Just diapersDiaper Boy Tommy Playing with Toy Car pacifier

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answered Nov 27, 2021 by diapermouse1 (3,660 points)
I'm personally not sure about the story of Diaper Boy Tommy.

I believe he's about 8 years old and from what I can tell it looks like he's being diaper punished.

I'm not sure why he was being diaper punished if he is but it looks like he's been spanked and even slapped some by some bruises.

He is cute though and I love the diapers he's wearing and wish I had some of those diapers to wear.

No kid should be punished for bed wetting but it's okay if he wears diapers if he needs to or wants too.

He looks sad in some pictures but in some pictures he looks happy.

I wish I could meet this boy who is likely now in his 30's to get the full story from him.
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answered Jan 8 by wetdiapersfun (140 points)
I think I remember a user on here by the name of Pamperslover saying that he recalled seeing those pictures of 8 year old Diaper Boy Tommy on some other diaper website.

I think he said that the Diaper Boy Tommy was being diaper punished by his parents and his dad was also a diaper lover too.

He does appear to be getting diaper punished.

Although from other pictures I've seen of diaper boy Tommy it looks like he may have never been potty trained either and never taken out of diapers.

Although I do see that he was also wearing Pull Ups in some pictures.

Those diapers do also look like they are from around 1996 or so.

So if Diaper Boy Tommy was 8 in those pictures in 1996 then he would now be around almost 34 years old.

These pictures have been around for a long time.

I wish I could've been made to wear diapers like that by my parents.

I would've loved it.

Diaper Boy Tommy is a classic and he's so cute in his diapers.
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answered Jan 8 by kipperdadog (180 points)
Diaper Boy Tommy is so cute.

He looks just like my 8 year old son who's in diapers full time and uses a pacifier, bottle etc.

My 8 year old son is not potty trained and I'm not forcing him too and I think he looks cute in his diapers.

I don't mind changing my 8 year old sons diapers.

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