Can I host one website on two different web hosts?

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Can I host one website on two different web hosts?
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I think it is yes

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You can host one website on two different web hosts.

You could set up a database on one web host and then connect your website to the remove sql database on the second web host while your current website files are on the other web host.

You can have multiple IPs in an A record to point to different hosts.

it may depend on the architecture of the web page if it works.

Or you could get 2 web servers from the same web hosts and set up load balancers to balance out the traffic and load.

The cheapest and most reliable web hosting services include hawkhost, vpsdime, hostwinds and namecheap.

The best WordPress hosting sites are namecheap, vpsdime, hawkhost and hostwinds.

These are not specific hosting companies for hosting WordPress but they are reliable web hosts and you can host WordPress on any web host.

Good reliable hosting services are hostwinds, hawkhost and vpsdime.

I've used all three of those website hosting services and never had a problem with any of them.

I'm currently hosting my website with vpsdime now and they have really great uptime but they only host vps servers which you have to manage yourself.

Hostwinds and hawkhost have shared hosting services that you can host your website on if you don't need to or want to manage a vps server.

Managing a cloud hosting server is not too hard once you learn the command line and install Cpanel or other web hosting panels.

Managing a cloud hosting server is the same as managing a VPS server and dedicated server.

Managing a dedicated server can be hard if you've never done so before.

However managing a dedicated server or even VPS server is pretty easy to learn and you can find command lines you need to use online by searching google search.

You just need a program called putty installed on your computer to connect to the SSH part of the server and then you use your root name and root password to login to the server.

Then use the command line to install program and thing such as Cpanel.

To change directories you use command line cd/ and then enter the directory path and name and hit enter.

Managing a VPS server is not all that hard once you get to know the server and command lines.

When I first began learning about managing a vps server using the command line I didn't know anything about it.

But looking online and following instructions I began to learn pretty quick.

I'm not an expert at managing linux or other vps servers but I am pretty good at it now after a few months of learning.

I've been working with VPS servers for 5 years now and it's pretty easy to learn.

If you get a VPS server I highly recommend that you pay for a Cpanel vps license to help make managing your server easier and to help manage your vps easier as well.

It's easy to install the Cpanel through SSH and doing so installs the Mysql server, mail server and everything else you need. is a good vps hosting provider.

I've been with hosting my blog for 2 years now and they are excellent.

You get 6 gb of ram for $7.00 per month which is usually plenty of ram for most websites.

If you need to upgrade the ram for more traffic as your site grows then all you need to do is upgrade and pay the additional money.

The support at vpsdime is fantastic as well and they are very helpful.

The servers with vpsdime are very fast and I've not noticed any downtime so far.

However vpsdime offers servers that you must manage yourself such as installing cpanel, updating the server etc.

If you don't know how to manage a linux server then you need someone who does but learning to manage a server and installing cpanel or other things using the command line through SSH is pretty easy.

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