How do you dispose of Coleman propane cylinders?

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How do you dispose of Coleman propane cylinders?

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To dispose of Coleman propane cylinders you should check with your local landfill and see if they have a hazardous waste disposal place at the landfill.

Also some communities will have a way to dispose of hazardous waste through a trailer or a pickup day or drop off place to drop off and dispose of hazardous waste including small propane cylinders.

You could also use a hacksaw and cut open the old empty Coleman propane cylinders and then place them with some other metal to sell to a scrap metal yard.

This is what I do with them.

I don't use a lot of them but when I do have empty 1 lb propane cylinders I will cut them open with a hacksaw and place them in a 55 gallon barrel with some other scrap metal.

Then when I have enough scrap metal to sell I take it to the scrap metal yard.

Also there's an adapter you can buy that you can install on the Coleman propane cylinders and refill them with a big propane tank.

So that's another option and the propane will be cheaper that way as well.

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