Do domain extensions affect SEO?

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asked Dec 21, 2020 in Seo (Search Engine Optimization) by Mclester88se (2,970 points)
Do domain extensions affect SEO?
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There are entire companies that specialize in SEO. They can tell you in detail how everything works, how it will be set up and how effective the company will be.

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answered Dec 21, 2020 by Shawn (91,740 points)
Domain extension don't really affect SEO all that much if at all.

I have a .co domain extension that ranks just as well as a .com domain does.

The .com domain is the more easier to remember and more desirable domain extension but even .co and other domain extensions can rank just as well and sometimes even better.

The better content you have on your website the more ranking power you have.

Also the older the domain and the older the website the better you rank on Google and other search engines as well.

The meaning of domain age is the length of time since the domain name has been registered.

The domain age starts from the day or minute you register the domain.

The older the domain is in years the more ranking power it has as Google and Yahoo, Bing etc all take the domains age into consideration when deciding where to rank your websites pages.

Usually for the first 6 months of a domains age and website age the website will not rank as good until the 6 months has passed.

The search engines want to ensure the website is around to stay.

Then once you have the website online for 6 months or longer and you continue updating the website with fresh and new content then the search engines will start ranking your content higher up.

A new domain can rank good but the older the domain the more ranking power it has.

Older domains and websites are trusted more than newer websites and domains.
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answered Feb 13 by Onakicki (180 points)
They really don't, the main thing that matters is whether the backlink (the link that points to your site) is dofollow or nofollow and how natural anchor is. The rest is minor factors at best, so you shouldn't really consider them if you're planning on advertising your website.
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answered Apr 3 by Omeres (1,760 points)

No, domain extension does not affect your SEO score. Based on your business type and category, it is very important to be aware of the extensions and choose the one that suits your business. You can also use Free SEO Tools to improve your rankings, which you can find at It is important to understand how they work and to do everything gradually.

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answered Jun 20 by Aelahios (340 points)

When I have questions about SEO, it is easier for me to contact the professionals who work in this area. There is a great company where a huge team of copywriters work and do Internal linking. Leaving comments on sites with a mention of the customer increases traffic, traffic, and so on. I advise you to familiarize yourself with them.

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