How much will A website with 1,000 visitors per day make with AdSense?

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asked Dec 17, 2016 in Google by AJ323 (210 points)
I have a forum that gets 1,000 daily unique website visitors. I want to apply for Adsense to earn some money with my forum.

Will I make anything with 1,000 daily visitors? If so about how much could I make?

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answered Dec 17, 2016 by chad (12,530 points)
There's no way to tell exactly. It depends on the niche of the website. A niche such as a gaming or recipes will earn less per click than a website about Insurance, Mesothelioma, Web Hosting etc.

Some website niches pay more per click than others.

You might get 1 click per thousand visitors but with a high paying niche those clicks could pay out $2.00 or more per click.

It's better to have a website with a high paying niche and keywords than say a website about recipes that get thousands upon thousands of visitors but only pay cents per click.

I'm not great at writing content so that's why I choose websites that have user generated content.

Content is added daily by the visitors and users and people keep coming back.

Take this website for example. It has topics on lots of niches and not just one and I don't have to do the writing of long posts.

This website provides value to users and isn't just a thrown up website for Adsense.

Yes I did start it hoping to make a living with it but I also started it to provide a value to users and I enjoy running these communities.

Websites usually get 1 -10 click per thousands of visitors. But then again some websites get no clicks with just 1,000 visitors.

You need targeted visitors interested. Plus some of those visitors could just be bots. Websites really need at least 5,000 or more daily unique daily visitors to really earn the money.

Not everyone clicks on ads and some have ad blocker installed so they don't see ads.

Just keep working on content and get those visitors up.

You can go ahead and sign up for adsense and try to get approved. It's getting harder and harder to be approved these days.

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