Why is the electoral college important?

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Why is the electoral college important?

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The United States Electoral College is important because by design, the electoral system amplifies the importance of small states by guaranteeing all states.

The Electoral College in the United States is the group of presidential electors that is required by the Constitution to form every four years for the sole purpose of electing the president and vice president.

Each state appoints electors according to its legislature, equal in number to its congressional delegation.

The electoral votes are determined by the U.S. citizens who vote for the president and vice President of the United States every election cycle, ballots and according to the size of each state's population as determined in the census).

This has become important in several elections.

An electoral vote in politics means the choice is expressed collectively by the electoral college, which determines the winner of elections for president and vice president in the White House.

So when you vote for a president then the president must get more electoral votes from the group of people who's job is to cast their votes for the president based on how many votes for each president they have.

Although we vote for a president the votes that actually and truly count to decide on who becomes president comes from the electoral votes.

The electoral votes align with the popular vote in an election.

The electoral votes by definition are the vote that are cast in the electoral college of the U.S. by the representatives of each state in a presidential election.

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