Why does HDCP cause errors on your HDTV and how do you fix it?

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asked Nov 16, 2020 in TV's by P90seWngjase (900 points)
Why does HDCP cause errors on your HDTV and how do you fix it?

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answered Nov 17, 2020 by Zoozie (710 points)
To Fix HDCP errors on your TV you should unplug the TV, remove the HDMI cable and unplug the device that is plugged into the TV through HDMI.

Then try plugging it all back in and sometimes by making sure the HDMI cable is fully plugged in can fix the error.

If not then the HDCP error could be caused by the HDMI cable itself so try another HDMI cable.

HDCP means "High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection" which is a form of digital copy protection that was developed by Intel Corporation to prevent copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across connections.

When you plug in your Roku Streaming Player and have an HDCP Error it means that is has Unauthorized. Content Disabled.

Sometimes this just happens and goes away but other times it can be due to the HDMI cable being bad and causing the content to be blocked.

It's basically a copy protection thing and sometimes turning your TV off, unplugging the TV, Roku and HDMI Cables and then plugging everything back in such as the HDMI cable again and then turning everything back on can fix the HDCP error on the Roku.

On Roku or other HDMI issues if you see a purple screen that says "HDCP Unauthorized. Content Disabled", often the purple screens are the result of a loose HDMI connector, or a bad HDMI cord.

Even a new HDMI cord can be bad so try another one if it doesn't fix it after plugging everything back in.
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answered Nov 17, 2020 by XHnuts888 (3,860 points)
When I got an HDCP error on my TV and Roku device I changed the HDMI cable with another one and it worked.

It must have been in the HDMI cable as the new HDMI cable fixed the HDCP error.

If not then it could be the HDMI port on your TV and if so try another port or try plugging the HDMI cable into another TV and see if it fixes it.

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