Is it legal to drink with your parents in VA?

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Is it legal to drink with your parents in VA?

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Yes it's legal to drink with your parents in VA.

VA law allows minors of a parent or legal guardian to legally drink alcohol in the parents or legal guardians residence and the parent or guardian must also be present.

You cannot serve other minors alcohol but you can serve your own kids and minors alcohol as long as it's in your own residence and as long as you're there with them.

Missouri is another state that allows parents and legal guardians to legally serve alcohol to their kids or any of their kids under 21 years of age.

Yes in Missouri you can drink alcohol with your parents when you're under 21 years of age.

In Missouri parents can provide alcohol to their minor kids that are under 21 years of age and it's legal.

However you cannot provide other minor children with alcohol and they must be your own children or minors that are under the legal drinking age.

They cannot be other peoples children or it's illegal.

The parent or guardian must provide the alcohol to the under 21 years of age person for it to be legal.

So if you're the parent then you can legally provide and serve your children or minors that you have guardianship to with alcohol.

But if you provide alcohol to someone else's kids or minors then you can get into trouble.

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