Do TVs look better on the wall?

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asked Oct 26, 2020 in TV's by DarkieStarsy (550 points)
Do TVs look better on the wall?

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answered Oct 26, 2020 by Lilly21 (57,780 points)
TVs do look much better on the wall instead of on a table or entertainment center.

With the modern led flat panel and slim TV's it looks great on the wall and when you hide the wires to the TV it looks even better.

Once I decided to put my living room TV on the wall and have a floating entertainment center it gave the room a much better look and the living room looks better.

You can buy a TV wall mount online for around $20.00 and it's pretty easy to mount the TV on the wall yourself but larger TV's may need someone to help you lift them into place.

A TV can also look good when sitting on an entertainment center or other shelf as well but I love having my TV on the wall and would not have it any other way.

I can't believe how much better the new TVs look now and they look much better than the old clunky and bulky CRT TV's that I used to have.

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