How long do you stay in jail for domestic violence?

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How long do you stay in jail for domestic violence?

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When you get arrested for domestic violence you'll stay in jail until you can make bail.

If you can bail out of jail then you can bail out the same day within a few hours of being arrested or even a few days later.

But if you have no money to bail out of jail or cannot get a bondsman to bail you out of jail then you stay in jail for the domestic violence until you see a judge.

If you're arrested Friday night for the domestic violence then you would not be able to see a judge until the following Monday.

Then the judge can decide to keep you longer or raise or lower your bail depending on your other criminal history.

Sometimes a judge will raise your bail if they know you're at risk of leaving the state and not coming back for court.

If convicted in court of domestic violence you may get 1 year in jail or community service however the states laws vary and in Florida they have strict laws on how long you stay in jail for domestic violence and Florida usually takes domestic violence pretty seriously.

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