Is an unwanted kiss battery?

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Is an unwanted kiss battery?

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Yes an unwanted kiss to a stranger is considered a battery and can get you arrested.

if you just go up to a stranger and kiss them even though you are doing so out of love and not violence that unwanted kiss from you as a stranger can be seen as a battery.

If the person decided to call the police on you for kissing them when they didn't want it then you can get charged with assault and battery.

That can then go on your record which could make it hard to get employed.

Never go up and kiss someone without their consent or try to hug them without their consent as that hugging can also be considered battery.

Always talk to the person first and get to know them and then if they want to kiss you can do so.

It's easy now to get arrested for things that you could get away with all those years ago.

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