Does becoming a parent make you happy?

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Does becoming a parent make you happy?

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Becoming a parent can make you happy.

That is if you are actually ready to become a parent and have kids and really want kids.

Kids are lovely even though they can drive you crazy at times and sometimes you need to get away from them for awhile.

But they can bring you lots of joy and make you happy.

I became a parent 10 years ago for the first time and at first I thought I made a mistake because I had a crying baby that I thought I could not deal with and then as the baby boy got older he became much more enjoyable.

As he got to 7 and 8 months old and a year old he started smiling a lot which made me smile as well.

I used to be depressed more but when I had my cute little boy he made my depression disappear for at least the time he was a cute baby.

He's not as cute now but he still has some of his cuteness at 10 years old.

I love him dearly and now don't regret having him.

Kids can bring a lot of joy but they are a pain sometimes and also a lot of hard work.

It's okay to not want to have kids because being a parent is not for everyone.

Kids can both make you miserable and also make you happy.

My own son who's 10 now made and still makes me miserable at times but sometimes he also makes me happy.

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