25 years old male with Knee Joint Pain

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asked Nov 28, 2016 in Mens Health by Ryot (230 points)
I'm a male 25 years old and for the last few months my knees have been hurting me.

I feel like sometimes I need a cane to walk.

What can I do to try and curb this knee pain so I can walk like I used too?

I hate having this knee pain and wish it would go away.

I'd expect it at 50 or 60 years old but not so soon. uggggh

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answered Nov 30, 2016 by Shawn (69,910 points)
There are some over the counter medications that you can take for Joint Pain.

Look in the health Aisle of Walmart or Walgreens.

You might also have your knee pain corrected by having surgery.
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answered Jun 12 by $19169 (620 points)
Knee Joint Pain can happen at any age and even people younger than age 25 can experience knee joint pain and other pain.

When you have knee joint pain you should take some aspirin and take some joint pain medicine that you can get over the counter.

Also apply some heat to the knee joint pain using a heating pad.

When I have knee joint pain I always use a heating pad and elevate my legs.

While watching TV or using my laptop computer I apply the heating pad to my knee and the heat helps get rid of the knee joint pain.

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