What is the highest point in Arkansas?

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What is the highest point in Arkansas?

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Mount Magazine is the highest point in the state of Arkansas.

The highest point which is Mount Magazine in Arkansas is at a height of 2,753 feet which is the highest point in Arkansas.

Other points in Arkansas are also pretty high but Mount Magazine tops the list as Arkansas Highest Point.

It's very beautiful as well and if you have never visited Mount Magazine or any other parts of Arkansas you really should as Arkansas is a really beautiful state to visit as well as live in.

The winters in Arkansas are also pretty mild and tolerable as well.

The winters in Arkansas are actually pretty great and mild.

Arkansas does get cold in the winter and can sometimes get below freezing at night but most days in the winter the temps stay around 65 F to 70 F and towards the middle of winter it might get down to 50 F and in rare cases the temps may drop to as low as 40 F to 30 F.

Although Arkansas does stay somewhat warm in winter it can still get cold and Arkansas is also prone to ice storms as well but Arkansas winters are pretty pleasant when it comes to winter.

The average amount of snow that Arkansas gets per year is around 4 inches of snow in the entire year.

However when I was living in Arkansas 10 years ago I can remember getting at least 1 foot of snow one winter but the rest of the time in the winter Arkansas barely saw any snowfall.

Arkansas winters are usually pretty mild and it usually stays pretty warm in the winter although it does get cold but snow is rare in Arkansas which is a good thing for some people.

However Arkansas is also prone to ice storms as well which can knock electricity out for a few weeks so if you live in Arkansas have an electric generator and some back up heat source.

I went a few weeks without heat and electricity before in Arkansas.

But overall the snowfall in Arkansas is not all that much when compared to other states in the USA.

If you love snow then you'll not like living in Arkansas in winter but Arkansas is very pretty and I plan to move back there hopefully during my retirement.

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