How do I rectify Epson printer paper feed problems?

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asked Sep 14, 2020 in Hardware by baroncorrz (120 points)

While working on my Epson printer, I am passing through Epson printer paper feed problemsPapers are not feeding, so I am not able to print the documents. I am instructing my Epson printer for printing, but paper does not feed for printing.  I don’t have much technical experience on how to solve Epson printer paper feed problems.  It is a very difficult question for me, so I am unable to give the appropriate answer for it. I am looking for the expert’s help for resolving Epson printer paper feed issues. Therefore anyone can recommend the smart methods to solve this technical glitch.

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answered Sep 14, 2020 by Carter3 (12,730 points)
If your printer is having trouble feeding the paper into the printer first make sure the paper is in the printer correctly.

If the paper in the printer is not sitting in the printer properly such as sitting at even a slight angle the paper will fail to feed into the printer or may feed into the printer at an angle which can tear the paper or get the paper stuck.

Another common problem with printers that have trouble feeding the paper is not enough paper in the printer.

Some printers will not feed the paper if there's only a few sheets of paper left because the printer sometimes needs the weight of the paper to help other paper slide further into the printer.

Or you could have something stuck in the printer.

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