Is it better to lease a car or is it better to buy a car?

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asked Oct 22, 2017 in Buying & Selling by Aiden J (470 points)
Is it better to lease a car or is it better to buy a car?
commented May 2 by Funtzer (350 points)
I want to buy an inexpensive and high-quality SUV. What would you recommend to buy an SUV? Unfortunately, I don't have enough money for a new one. That's why I want to buy a used one.

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answered Oct 22, 2017 by Shawn (92,590 points)
If you plan to keep the car long term I would buy a car and not lease it. If you plan to switch vehicles every year or 2 then go with the lease option.

With a lease option on a car though you'll spend more money and always have a car payment to make and you'll never own the leased car.
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answered May 2 by Luminoros (370 points)

I recently looked for Used SUVs myself. I ended up buying a Volvo XC90 on this site, great car. That is probably the best option with the cost of 32 thousand. If you want to get something cheaper for yourself, you can get a Volkswagen Tiguan. Reliable running gear, the engine does not fail, and the cost of repairs will not be as high as in the case of the Volvo. If even cheaper you want to get, then buy a BMW X3, but be prepared that the repair of this car is expensive.

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