Can you shoot someone breaking into your house in Texas?

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Can you shoot someone breaking into your house in Texas?

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If someone is breaking into your home in Texas you can shoot the intruder if you have no other option and cannot get away from them.

If someone is breaking into your home your first option really should be to get out of the house and take your kids etc with you if possible.

However if that is not an option and you have a gun and confront the intruder then yes you can shoot them if they do not leave.

Sometimes just showing a gun in an intruders face will get them to leave but sometimes they might also have a weapon so be prepared to shoot.

You can't just shoot someone though in Texas just because they are Trespassing on your property although most people believe that to be true.

You have to be in immediate danger to shoot the trespasser but you can point a gun at them and order them off the property.

Usually they will then leave if they don't leave first with just a verbal warning.

Also if you catch an intruder fleeing your house or property with something you cannot shoot them in Texas or anywhere else.

You'll need to call the cops and let them find the person and hopefully get your stuff back.
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