Should an 8 year old boy wear diapers all the time?

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asked Sep 11, 2020 in AB/DL by cha000 (430 points)
Should an 8 year old boy wear diapers all the time?

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answered Sep 11, 2020 by Pamperslover (20,280 points)
Yes an 8 year old boy should wear diapers all the time.

All kids no matter what age should be wearing diapers instead of using the awful toilet.

I am an adult who no longer uses the toilet for either pee or poop and I wear diapers all the time now and use the diaper for both pee and poop.

Diapers are much better than the toilet because you always have your toilet on you and when you need to pee or poop you just pee or poop without holding it in.

Diapers are much more comfortable than underwear or boxers as well.

I wish my parents made me wear diapers at 8 years old and I wish I had never been potty trained either.

When I get married and have kids one day I'm never potty training them and am gonna keep the kids in diapers all the time and change them.
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answered Dec 31, 2020 by philrodg (1,060 points)
This question can not simply be answered with "yes". But there are many parents who think it is appropriate that their older child still has to wear diapers. If the child sleeps better with a diaper or it is also more convenient during the day when the child is still diapered, then it makes sense that he always wears diapers, so that being diapered is a fixed routine. Our older boy always has a diaper under his pants or pajamas. He never walks around without protection and at night he would still wet himself every night. For this reason, after showering in the morning, he always goes straight back on the changing table to be changed into a new diaper for the day. Therefore, we answer this question with "yes", but this is true just for our boy. To learn more about our boy's diapering routines, visit our blog:
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answered Dec 31, 2020 by SandSam (6,710 points)

An 8 year old should wear diapers all the time if they want too or need too.

Diapers are made for all ages and many 8 year old boys wear diapers all the time or at night.

Diapers are the better underwear anyway and are more comfortable.

I have an 8 year old son that also wears diapers all the time as he's not potty trained and he's not interested and wants to wear diapers.

I think he's cute in his diapers and he can use diaper and wear diapers all the time.

This picture is of another kid but my son looks about like him and wears just his diaper like the boy below who is about his age.

More of his pictures can be found at the link below.

commented Nov 26 by Jeff p (100 points)
It's unfair to tommy to be diaper punished by his parents for bed wetting. I know because it happened to me at daycare when I was 7 for acting like a baby and my mom said I had to wear pampers baby dry or pull ups training pants so I went along with the old school Micky mouse pull ups and Tommy looked happier wearing his pull ups and he should wear and use pull ups for his little problem

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