Should an 8 year old boy wear diapers all the time?

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asked Sep 11, 2020 in AB/DL by cha000 (470 points)
Should an 8 year old boy wear diapers all the time?

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answered Sep 11, 2020 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)
Yes an 8 year old boy should wear diapers all the time.

All kids no matter what age should be wearing diapers instead of using the awful toilet.

I am an adult who no longer uses the toilet for either pee or poop and I wear diapers all the time now and use the diaper for both pee and poop.

Diapers are much better than the toilet because you always have your toilet on you and when you need to pee or poop you just pee or poop without holding it in.

Diapers are much more comfortable than underwear or boxers as well.

I wish my parents made me wear diapers at 8 years old and I wish I had never been potty trained either.

When I get married and have kids one day I'm never potty training them and am gonna keep the kids in diapers all the time and change them.
commented Feb 22, 2022 by Big D (130 points)
Yes he should be in a diaper until he has achieved some kind of control. Better than wet pants or a wet bed. And he would stay in a diaper. If he never gains control due to the fact he has a disability that prevents him from being able to achieve dryness  no big deal. Diapers are just a different kind of underwear that some kids and grown ups included  needs who has never had control or who has become incontinent. That's what they are made for. For all ages not just babies.. If you have problems seeing you get glasses. No different. And I have  incontinence of my bladder and been in a diaper 24/7 for over 30 yrs I was in
 diapers most of my life for medical issues. I am in my mid 60s, So I have no problem with anyone wearing a diaper. So what?
commented May 25, 2022 by 11kenny11 (110 points)
Hi there, my name is Bryan walls. I'm sure you perfectly have your reasons why you would never potty training your kids. On my 7th birthday my mom put me back in daytime Pampers. She had already bought the 48 count box extra large Pampers. And I already had all the baby supplies that you would need for me. I was already still in training pants still at the time. She announced everybody that I was not a big boy and I was not ready for a big big boy pants yet. So she took off my training pants and they be down on a changing mat. After she cleaned me up, she open the box of Pampers put it in a and diaper me. She raised my legs high in the air straight up in the air and all the way back slid the pamper under me and take me up. It was a very embarrassing day for me. But now that I'm older I understand why she did what she did.
commented May 28, 2022 by HGW (220 points)
I'm sure you have a very good reason for your standpoint. When I'm 7 my mom put me back in daytime diapers. So I was in diapers 24/7 for quite some time after that. It wasnt easy for me at first but I got used to it. And now that I understand why my mom did put me back in full time diapers. The day my mom put me back in full-time diapers. She brought out right in front of me a large box 48 count extra large Pampers. Put a diaper doubler in my pamper. And this is when they were still plastic backed. Scented Pamper baby wipes and baby powder. It did not bother her one bit that I was diapered in front of family and friends. It did not just and end there, she had baby shoes for me made baby t-shirts, onesies rompers traditional rompers baby sleepers shorts, pants. And just about everything had snaps on it quick and easy diaper changes.
commented Jun 20, 2022 by 1kennyboy (150 points)
It was just about summertime summertime when all this took place. so from the get go I ran around in Pampers and shoes and sox, or sandles quite often. A few days after back in Pampers my mom got taking a tape measure and start a measuring my body for my new clothes. I have lots and lots of babies looking t-shirts with snaps on the shoulders, followed by shorts with snaps on them in crotch, pants for snaps, short tails traditional baby rompers regular rompers onesies night-footed pajamas and snaps or zipped up. Everywhere I went with my mom she took my huge baby diaper bag. Yes a lot of people always look at me. My mom always check my diapers just like I was a baby in the front of my diaper the back of the diaper should pull back. My first few weeks back in diapers I always look down at my diapers because I always heard the noise of the crinkling of my Pampers.
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answered Dec 30, 2020 by philrodg (1,290 points)
This question can not simply be answered with "yes". But there are many parents who think it is appropriate that their older child still has to wear diapers. If the child sleeps better with a diaper or it is also more convenient during the day when the child is still diapered, then it makes sense that he always wears diapers, so that being diapered is a fixed routine. Our older boy always has a diaper under his pants or pajamas. He never walks around without protection and at night he would still wet himself every night. For this reason, after showering in the morning, he always goes straight back on the changing table to be changed into a new diaper for the day. Therefore, we answer this question with "yes", but this is true just for our boy. To learn more about our boy's diapering routines, visit our blog:
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answered Dec 30, 2020 by SandSam (7,630 points)

An 8 year old should wear diapers all the time if they want too or need too.

Diapers are made for all ages and many 8 year old boys wear diapers all the time or at night.

Diapers are the better underwear anyway and are more comfortable.

I have an 8 year old son that also wears diapers all the time as he's not potty trained and he's not interested and wants to wear diapers.

I think he's cute in his diapers and he can use diaper and wear diapers all the time.

This picture is of another kid but my son looks about like him and wears just his diaper like the boy below who is about his age.

More of his pictures can be found at the link below.

commented Nov 26, 2021 by Jeff p (1,110 points)
It's unfair to tommy to be diaper punished by his parents for bed wetting. I know because it happened to me at daycare when I was 7 for acting like a baby and my mom said I had to wear pampers baby dry or pull ups training pants so I went along with the old school Micky mouse pull ups and Tommy looked happier wearing his pull ups and he should wear and use pull ups for his little problem
commented Jul 8, 2022 by HGW (220 points)
It's not unfair that he's in diapers if what's his pants he needs to be in diapers
commented Jul 10, 2022 by Jeff p (1,110 points)
He is not a baby for crying out loud he is a big boy and I know he has problems and wets his pants and bed but it is less embarrassing wearing pull ups  than having your mom changing your diapers on a changing table in public. I remember being 7 and I peed my pants on the playground at daycare and the daycare teacher made me wear pampers baby dry size 6 for boys talk about embarrassing I talked it over with my mom and I told her that I'm not a baby and she told me that she doesn't want to make me wear diapers but the daycare is making her sending me in diapers so I agreed to wear pull ups for boys and I wore pull ups 24/7 for the next 2 years.i remember every time I had to go potty I had a bad habit of pulling my pants all the way down at the urinal and people seeing me wearing my pull ups diapers and that was embarrassing enough because almost every time I went pee when I was dun I would leak a little pee in the front of my pull ups I even remember the times mom helped me I got my pull up changed on the changing table at Kmart and Walmart in the women's restroom and mom digging in her purse and pulling out pull ups people gave me a evel eye when mom was lexering me about being a 7 year old baby peeing my pants and still wearing pull ups on a changing table I even wore them on family vacation and I peed my pull up my mom told me to come here and when I got closer she laid me on my back pulled my pants down and my aunt uncle and cousins seen me in a wet pull up mom opened up her purse and she started looking for something and pulled out my plastic back pampers baby dry and my pull ups and put the new pull up with micky mouse on it on me that was ok by me but the fact that my cousins seeing the plastic back pampers baby dry for boys in my size and me wearing a pull up that I had peed in Thay know that the pampers diapers are for me. I didn't like wearing the pampers because I was 7 and pampers are for babies and not 7 year olds but they held more pee then pull ups do so mom made me wear pampers at night and the daycare
used pampers when I wet my pull ups to make me feel like a baby to try to get me to act my age I got tired of being made fun of for wearing pull ups and diapers so I decided to stop peeing my pants and pull ups because I hated having to wear plastic back pampers that wore uncomfortable and a tight fit because they are for babies and not 7 year olds. Pull ups I can see because they are for big kids potty training and some 7 year olds need them but not diapers.
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answered May 12, 2022 by Bryan walls (170 points)
There is nothing wrong with and eight-year-old or older child still to be in diapers all the time. I happened to be an older child that was still in diapers when I was put back in day time diapers when I was 7. Yes, even though I was all over again treated like a baby,  changed like a baby, had a diaper bag like a baby again. I don't regret it know because I knew I was taken care of.
commented Jul 17, 2022 by Freeda (110 points)
I know exactly what you mean my mom treated me the same way. When I was about that age, I used to wet pants during the daytime. Eventually my mom got tired of it and one day when I was outside she took my clothes off right in front of my friends and she didn't even care. She had already had a few diapers in her purse. And and this is when Pampers were still plastic back and very very thick. So she unfolded one and she had my legs high in the air if you put put it on right in front of me or put it on me. And put my shoes on socks back on. So all I had on was a Pampers, t- shirt and shoes and socks. I started walking and I could just hear the loud the loud crinkling of the Pamper on me waddle a little bit a little bit
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answered May 29, 2022 by BedwetterBoy (190 points)
I'm 12 years old and I wear diapers my whole live. I just need them really at night but my Dad never wanted to treat me like a big boy, so I'm a lil boy..
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answered Aug 15, 2022 by diaperedbottom (1,090 points)
All kids including all 8 year old boys should wear diapers all the time so they don't have to use the potty.

You should never potty train your kid and keep them in diapers full time like my parents did me.

I was never potty trained and I still wear diapers full time now at almost 35 years old and would not have it any other way.

Diaper Boy Tommy looks just about like me when I was his age.

I used to have the same haircut style as him as well.

I was never potty trained myself as a child and my parents kept me in plastic backed pampers diapers like Diaper Boy Tommy all the time.

I used my diapers for both pee and poop as I never used the toilet.

I've been in diapers all my life and I'll be 35 years old next year.

My parents always kept me as a toddler and I also used pacifiers, drank from bottles ate from a highchair and did all the toddler things.

My parents also took me outside in just my diaper, shirt and shoes like Tommy has gone out dressed.

I'm glad my parents never potty trained me and kept me in diapers as the diapers were always very comfortable to wear and still are.

I tried pull ups before as a kid and they always felt uncomfortable and would leak but the snug plastic backed pampers taped around me felt awesome.

The pampers felt even better when wet or even poopy and swollen up with pee.

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