Do you put your older kids in diapers for road trips?

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asked Aug 10, 2020 in Grade Schooler by Chuyenene (680 points)
Do you put your older kids such as those above 4 years old in diapers again on road trips?

I make my 8 year old son wear Pampers Cruisers Size 7 diapers when on long road trips and tell him to just use the diapers for peeing and pooping in instead of me having to stop to often for him to pee and poop.

He seems to enjoy the diapers and is excited to get diapered for the road trip.

When on road trips or in the car and going out shopping etc the 8 year old is always clad in his Pampers Cruisers Size 7 diapers and uses them.

I change him when we get home as the diapers hold a lot of pee.

Sometimes he'll also wear his Pampers Cruisers size 7 diaper at home with just a shirt and socks and he looks so cute that way.

I like him back in diapers as he seems to be a good kid that way and when he wants to he wears diapers during the day and night.

At school he wears his underwear but when he gets home he usually wants me to put him in his diaper and leave his pants off but keep his shirt and socks on.

The 8 year old was outside today in just his shoes, socks and diaper as well as shirt and he looked so cute that way playing with his almost 3 year old brother who was dressed the same way.

They were out in our privacy fenced backyard playing in the water and on the swing set.

If my 8 year old boy wants to wear diapers full time he sure can and without pants if he wants too.

I miss him being a baby and he looks so adorable in just his diaper.

When in the car on long road trips the 8 year old wants to be just in his diaper and shirt and socks.
commented Sep 25, 2022 by DiaperBabyBoy (100 points)
I was put  in diapers not only for road trips but also at night for bedwetting and my mom wouldn't change me in mornings until the diaper was completely used meaning she wanted it poopy also.i love that feeling
commented Sep 25, 2022 by DiaperBabyBoy (100 points)
Do you like him pooping his diaper at home. Also do you still breastfeed him and his brothers like real babies. I want to hear more

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answered Aug 10, 2020 by Shawn (102,160 points)
Having your older kids wear diapers when on a long road trip is a good idea.

I wear adult diapers on road trips because restrooms can be hard to fine and sometimes when I need to pee the restroom or rest area is at least 50 miles away.

So having diapers on while going on a road trip is a good thing.

It's very harmful for both adults and kids to hold their pee in too long as holding in pee can lead to kidney disease, bladder issues and even Urinary Tract Infections.

A diaper is a good thing and you can just pee in the diaper and not have to worry about dealing with the pain and discomfort of holding the pee in.

If your 8 year old is happy wearing the diapers then that is a good thing and it makes the car ride more comfortable for him.

I wish I was wearing diapers on long road trips when I was 8 years old or younger because when we went on road trips I would have to pee a lot and my dad hardly stopped and would get mad and tell me not to drink as much.

I would be holding my pee in and it would be very painful and I was moving around trying to hold the pee in and one day when I was 7 I peed my pants and got the seat in the car wet.
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answered Aug 10, 2020 by Lucasdiaperboy (190 points)
I wish you were my parent as I would love to be put back in diapers and run around the house in just the diaper.

I want my mom to put me back in diapers and change me.

I love to wear Luvs diapers and would love to be wearing Luvs diapers on long road trips.

I want to drink from a baby bottle and use a pacifier as well.

I'm a 12 year old boy and want back in diapers again.

I'm 12 years old and a boy and want to wear diapers again.

My mom was babysitting a 3 year old boy who wears size 6 Luvs diapers and I got one of his diapers out of the package and put it on.

The Luvs size 6 diaper fit really good and I'm still wearing it right now.

I want to wear these diapers again and want my parents to buy me some Luvs size 6 diapers for myself.

How should I tell my parents I want to wear Luvs diapers again?

I want to be put back in diapers by my parents and have my diaper changed and wear the Luvs diapers all the time.
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answered Dec 27, 2020 by diaperboy12 (1,200 points)

All older kids should wear diapers on road trips.

I wear diapers on road trips and I'm a teen and I wish my parents would force me to wear diapers all the time and dress me like the boy in the picture below.

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answered Dec 30, 2020 by philrodg (1,290 points)
It's great that you are so relaxed about it. Of course, older children can still benefit from the advantages of a diaper, for example on longer car trips. If you handle diapers naturally and don't make them into something special, they can be used without age limit.

At our house, diapers are still used every day, during the day and at night. And accordingly, there are no car trips without our boy going to the changing table first. Even for short trips he always wears a diaper.

You can have a look at our changing table here:
commented Sep 25, 2022 by DiaperBabyBoy (100 points)
How old is your big baby?
commented Oct 1, 2022 by philrodg (1,290 points)
Tobi is 11. Sorry, the Blog don't exist anymore. But I am happy to reply here.
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answered Apr 6, 2022 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)
Yes you should put your older kids in diapers for road trips.

Otherwise you will end up with a kid having to pee his pants or in a bottle like the boy in the video below.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid pee bottle scene.

Kid holds his pee in on a road trip and eventually ends up peeing in a bottle.

If the kid were in a diaper then he would not have to worry about peeing in a bottle.

He could pee in the diaper and be comfortable during the road trip.

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