Is there a coin shortage?

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asked Aug 8, 2020 in Other-Finance by Hustlebitch (350 points)
Is there a coin shortage?

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answered Aug 8, 2020 by Shawn (87,320 points)
There is a coin shortage right now because of the pandemic.

However the coins are still out there and can still be used but due to the virus going around many people are not out spending money which puts the coins into circulation.

So since the coins are not being circulated through paying for things the stores, banks etc have a shortage of coins.

The US Mint is making more coins though.

But most stores are recommending you use exact change or use a debit or credit card for the purchases.

I have coins that I try to use to pay for things with to keep the coins in circulation but more people need to do so as well.
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answered Aug 8, 2020 by steel feel (700 points)

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answered Aug 9, 2020 by Swyitch454 (480 points)
Yes in our area there is a coin shortage and we are being asked to use exact change or to use a debit or credit card.

I mostly use my debit card anyway to make purchases offline as well as online so the coin shortage is really not much of an issue for me.

However the coin shortage is usually an issue for some people who don't have debit cards or credit cards.

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