Can I still drive with grinding brakes?

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Can I still drive with grinding brakes?

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Brakes should never grind when the brakes are in good working order.

If you hear your brakes grinding then you likely have worn down brake pads and need to replace the brake pads with new ones.

On brake pads there's a wear indicator that scrapes against the brake rotor when the brake pads are worn down enough to need replaced.

Never ignore that scraping sound and have your brake pads replaced when needed.

The longer you drive with the worn out brake pads the more wear and tear will happen on your brake rotors which can cause damage to the brake rotors and then you'll need new brake rotors.

The grinding noise is likely your brake pads worn down completely and your brake pads are just metal making contact with the metal rotors.

So you'll just do more damage and it's unsafe to drive with bad brakes.

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