Does okra affect male fertility?

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Does okra affect male fertility?

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Okra when eaten daily can possibly affect a males fertility in a good way.

The okra contains iron which is a good thing when it comes to a male and female being fertile and the higher your iron level in your body the more fertile you usually become.

So eating okra could make you more fertile as a male or a female.

But even eating other iron based foods and just generally having a good iron level increases your fertility as a male and female.

Okra can possibly increase male and female fertility because of the iron content in the okra.

When a person has low iron levels they are less fertile than when they have higher iron levels in their body.

There's no actual medical evidence that says for sure if okra increases your fertility as a male or female but it can possibly increase your fertility.

Most men and women are most fertile around age 18 years old to 40 years old.

You can still get pregnant as a woman at 40 years old or older but the sooner you try to get pregnant the more chance you have at making a baby.

The longer you wait the less fertile you become and the less chance you have at getting pregnant.

Eating okra is good for you regardless but there's no guarantee that you'll be more fertile just because you eat okra.

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