Can chinchillas jump?

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Can chinchillas jump?

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Yes Chinchillas can Jump and Chinchillas can Jump as high as 6 feet which is amazing for the chinchillas small size.

A chinchilla has long hind limbs which are which are made for and adapted for leaping high up away from any predator and trouble.

So if you have a chinchilla it can jump a pretty high jump.

Chinchillas do poop a lot through the day.

A chinchilla can poop as much as 250 times per day which is a lot more times than a human can poop.

Not every human poops everyday and certainly not up to 250 times per day.

So expect to clean up a lot of poop from your chinchilla.

Chinchillas also like certain vegetables such as carrots.

Yes chinchillas can eat carrots.

However chinchillas have very sensitive stomachs so don't feed the chinchillas too much carrots or other vegetables.

If you do feed the chinchilla too many carrots or too many other vegetables then the chinchilla can get stomach pain and even diarrhea.

If you're chinchilla has diarrhea and you're feeding them carrots or other vegetables then it's usually a sign that you're feeding too many carrots or too many other vegetables to the chinchilla.

Just feed the chinchilla small amounts of carrots or other vegetables and they will be fine.

Besides carrots chinchillas like to eat raisins and sultanas.

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