How often do moose have twins?

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How often do moose have twins?

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A moose has twins at least every 3 years and a moose having twins is also pretty rare but does happen quite often.

Most moose have just one moose when they give birth but every 3 years or so the moose has twins.

A male moose is called a bull.

Male moose which are called bulls have massive antlers.

A male moose or bulls antlers can grow up to 6 feet (1.8 m)wide from tip to tip.

Some people just refer to a male moose as a moose but they are also known as a bull in their locations.

In the USA and the states a bull refers to a male cow but in Alaska a bull refers to a male moose.

A female moose is called a cow.

In the USA a cow is a different type of animal but in Alaska the female moose is a cow.

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