What sound does a shoebill make?

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What sound does a shoebill make?

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The sound that a Shoebill makes is similar to a machine gun going off or a set of tribal drums beating.

The Shoebill makes and produces the sounds by clapping the lower jaw and upper jaw of its bill together, producing a loud hollow sound.

You can find Shoebill Storks in the United States but only in Zoos that keep them and have brought the Shoebill Storks into the United States.

Shoebill Storks typically come from and live in Tropical Africa.

So if you really want to see Shoebill Storks you should go to Africa where you can see them out in the wild and not in a Zoo setting.

Shoebill Storks range in height from 3.5 Feet to as tall as 5 Feet Tall.

A Shoebill Stork weighs around 12.3 lbs and the Shoebill Stork has an average Wingspan of 7.7 Feet.

The male Shoebills are slightly larger than female Shoebills and have longer bills as well.

Shoebill storks are pretty gentle creatures as long as you keep your distance from them and they will usually avoid humans.

A Shoebill Stork will not usually harm a human unless they see the human as a threat.

I've been near Shoebill Storks and they never tried to attack me and actually I had one Shoebill Stork come up to me one day in a park.

I fed him some bread and he even let me pet him.

He must have been around humans though and was used to humans.

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