Is vaping safe without nicotine?

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asked Jun 27 in Other- Health by CPDude (440 points)
Is vaping safe without nicotine?

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answered Jun 28 by Shawn (73,640 points)
Vaping is not safe even without nicotine.

The nicotine itself is harmful when vaping but even without the nicotine the vaping is still harmful because the vaping chemicals are also harmful.

Vaping is harmful to your health and lungs even without the nicotine so you should avoid vaping as vaping is actually more harmful than cigarettes are.

Unless you just vape water and no other vaping chemicals then vaping is still pretty harmful.

Vaping used to seem less of a health risk than smoking but smoking is a bit more safe than vaping in those chemicals.

However smoking still is not safe regardless so you should not smoke or vape if you want to live a long time and have healthy lungs.

You can still get lung cancer and other health issues from vaping even without nicotine.

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